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Our Commitments

Born from the commitment to foster a better agri-food system through a carbon neutral approach and strong ethical principles.

We are sustainability-obsessed, innovation-led and down-to-earth.

We aim at bringing together the potential of nature, people and technology, to provide innovative pea products to formulators and food & beverage brands.


commitment #1: local origin & traceability

Work on great ingredients & foods, without the sourcing concerns.

Ensuring the quality of pea ingredients requires a process that begins long before formulation. It starts on the farm.

FlavaPulse partners with local farmers in Southeast Europe to ensure consistency of crop quality, traceability of the yellow peas and limited transportation. Their sustainable practices not only ensure quality of our peas, but they also foster a vibrant, productive, and profitable agriculture in the European Union.

commitment #2: sustainability & carbon footprint

Work on great ingredients, without the sustainability concerns.

Using our pea products in your formulations is not only good for the planet. It also has a positive impact on your carbon footprint:

Pulses naturally produce their own nitrogen

Since nitrogen is a primary component of fertilizer, pulses basically produce their own fertilizer. Thus, growing peas promotes sustainable agriculture. The pea crops help increase soil health, decrease greenhouse gases and use less water than other crops.

Less transportation

We limit transportation by partnering with local farmers and optimizing the transport to your premises.

Our dry technology processing requires significantly less energy than wet processing

Also, no water nor chemicals or solvents are involved. Therefore, dry processing is significantly more sustainable than wet processing. Our state of the art and patented technology in dehulling also uses significantly less energy than standard dry technologies.

commitment #3: food safety & quality

Work on great ingredients, without the quality and safety concerns.

Native products, 100% natural

We help formulators and food manufacturers develop the best plant-based ingredients and products by providing 100% natural, nutritious, gluten and lactose free, low allergenic, non-GMO products.

Quality certifications

FlavaPulse’s is working with certified consultants to build its quality control system according to the requirements of the HACCP regulations. We aimed at being certified according to FSSC 22000.

Kosher certificate
HALAL certificate
FSSC certificate

FlavaPulse’s is working with certified consultants to build its quality control system according to the requirements of the HACCP regulations. We aimed at being certified according to FSSC 22000.

commitment #4: innovation & state of the art technology

Work on great ingredients, without the nutrition and functionality concerns.

We provide the most healthy, nutritious, highly functional pea products, so that you can innovate and create the future of FoodTech:

We heavily invest in state of the art technology

We team up with Poittemill Forplex, , an engineering company based in France with 100+ years of experience in providing fine-grinding solutions, powder processing and preparation from laboratory to industrial scale. Together, after numerous tests and analysis, we selected the best processing lines, and we fine-tuned every phase of the process. We're using a patented innovative technology for de-hulling the peas. This technology requires about 40% less electricity vs the standard technologies and results in purer fractions and better control over the products' final quality.

We have a strong
commitment to R&D

We also invest in R&D as we established a long term partnership with a leading R&D and technology service company in alternative proteins, IMPROVE (a subsidiary of the ITERG group). We rely on their skills and expertise to optimize the cleaning and de-hulling process, the milling and air classification process and finally the clean taste treatment. Together, we make sure that we extract the full potential of our yellow peas, maximizing the functionality, nutrition and taste of our products. What we get are ingredients that give you the competitive edge towards specific applications, nutritional benefits and target groups.

commitment #5: contribute to a better world

Our pea products reflect the highest standards in safety, quality, ethics and sustainability.

European Union

We are on track with the European Union’s “farm to fork” strategy, at the heart of the European Green Deal, and advocating for a fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly food system.

United Nations

We contribute to 10 of the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. We thus help our customers do the same.

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