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We work on great pea products, so that you can work on great plant-based ingredients and foods.

FlavaPulse responsibly sources yellow peas in Southeastern EU directly from local farmers, and uses state of the art technologies and the latest innovations to turn them into natural, nutritious, functional pea products.

Our protein concentrate, flour and fiber not only help formulators and food manufactures develop delicious, tasty, healthy ingredients and products that meet consumers preferences. They also help them reduce their carbon footprint and make their products greener and more sustainable.

The Superfood Of the Future

Pulses are a natural food source with a millennia-long history. But a real momentum has been gained in the last two decades. Today, consumers’ preference is shifting towards plant proteins, especially among the young generation. Plant-based products are no longer considered a poor alternative to “real meat” but a real substitute. They became super trendy and we know why!

Highly nutritious

Yellow pea proteins are one of the most sought-after proteins in the booming plant protein market. They are a healthy and nutritious alternative to meat, fish, dairies, eggs and cereals, with a number of health properties.

High in protein, but low in fat

Yellow pea products are high in protein (25% on average), low in fat (2%), and they contain some of the highest amounts of dietary fibre (15%).

Exceptionally healthy

They are also rich in vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that have an antioxidant effect. Yellow pea products have medium-low glycemic index. All of these characteristics make them exceptionally healthy.


Pea Protein Concentrate

Our Pea Protein concentrate enables you to strengthen the clean label aspect of your products especially if you're looking for an alternative to soy, wheat and animal protein.

Pea Flour

Our Pea Flour is an excellent gluten-free alternative to wheat flour in bakery and noodles. The high viscosity after cooking make it an attractive ingredient in vegan sauces and soups.

Pea Hulls

Our Pea Hulls have a high water-binding and fat absorption capacity. They are an excellent ingredient for goods with high dietary fiber claim.

Innovation: Clean Taste Pea Protein Concentrate

Our Clean Taste Pea Protein Concentrate is an innovative high protein concentrate with better taste to allow you to produce uncompromised clean label and allergen free plant based products

Innovation: Clean Taste Pea Flour

Our Clean Taste Pea Flour are using a patented technology that consists in a gentle heat treatment with low environmental impact preserving the native functionalities for reducing the bitter taste

Work on great ingredients & foods

Our Products

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