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Changing world,
changing food

There is an increased awareness in Europe that global meat demand is unsustainable.

Consumers know that meat production is very resource-intensive, causing deforestation and CO2 emissions.

Their preference is shifting towards plant proteins, especially among the young generation. Plantbased alternatives are trendy, and the market for alternative proteins is booming.



A booming demand for sustainable plant-based protein

The booming demand is creating a number of challenges for the ingredient formulators and the food manufacturers. Environmental concerns due to climate change have created general public’s expectations towards more sustainability and ethics in their favorite food brands. Companies need to meet the consumers’ needs and values. We’re using innovative technologies that consume 40% less electricity versus standard technologies in the industry. Our facility is located in the heart of the main agricultural region in Bulgaria. The CO2 footprint of our products is therefore among the lowest available on the market.

We provide great pea products, so that you can work on great plant-based ingredients and foods.

We build trusted partnerships with ingredient and food manufacturers. We supply them the best yellow pea products obtained by air fractionation. Our process is purely mechanical and therefore our pea protein concentrate, pea flour and hulls preserve their native functionalities and high nutritional quality. We use an innovative technology for dehulling that results in a better control of purity and quality of the fractions versus the standard technologies in the dry processing industry.


Work on great ingredients & foods

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From the basic requirements to the big picture, FlavaPulse helps you achieve peace of mind.

Low carbon foot print

We source our yellow peas directly from local farmers in southeast Europe and process them in our facility in Bulgaria. We store the peas in modern silos at our facility. The greenhouse gas (GHG) emmissions related to transporting peas is therefore minimal. Using our products in your ingredients and foods will therefore help you with your carbon footprint.

100% natural

Our products reflect the highest standards in safety, quality, ethics and sustainability. Our pea protein concentrate, pea flour and hulls are 100% natural, gluten and lactose free, non-allergenic and non-GMO.

Latest innovation

We use the latest innovations in the dry processing technology. We have established a long-term partnership with a leading R&D platform in France to ensure that we extract the full potential of our peas. Our products have high nutritional value, great functional properties and diverse application possibilities.

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