Clean Taste Pea Protein Concentrate P55CT

The future of protein is plant-based, and peas are the preferred source.

We have developed an innovative high protein concentrate with better taste to allow you to produce uncompromised clean label and allergen free plant based products.

Pea protein is actually one of the most sought-after protein in the booming plant protein market. It is a nutritious, healthy and non-allergenic protein source. It can replace or partially substitute soy, fish or meat proteins in most diets. It helps you meet consumers’ demands for “vegan” and “gluten-free” labels.

The usage of pea protein concentrates in bakery products or in meat and dairy analogs is sometimes limited due to the specific bitter taste in peas. Additionally, some manufacturers are unable to use pea concentrates due to the insufficient protein content versus isolates. Our P55CT will allow you to use pea protein concentrate in a wider range of products.

This innovative pea protein concentrate has a great taste without any bitterness, containing 55% protein. We succeeded to concentrate more protein thanks to two main factors:

1.We select peas with high protein content. We analyze the quality of the peas at the farm before the delivery to our plant.

2. We have a modern plant using a second generation technology. A successful protein concentration relies on the ability to control the starch and protein separation in the fractionation line. Our automation system with online protein analysis allow us to adjust the process efficiency at each segment of the line depending on the required protein level.

We’re using a patented clean taste technology that consists in a gentle heat treatment with low environmental impact preserving the native functionalities. The process reduces the microbial levels. Additionally, the clean taste process partially reduces some of the anti-nutritional factors inherent to peas.

FlavaPulse Clean Taste Pea Protein Concentrate P55CT is a natural pea protein, containing 55% protein – no chemicals used (only mechanical screening using with low energy consumption). We’ve applied a gentle heat treatment for reducing the bitter taste.

Features & Benefits

FlavaPulse Clean Taste Pea Protein Concentrate P55CT is a pea protein concentrate which can be used to increase protein content of different formulations including beverages, bakery, and snacks. It can be used to eliminate and/or reduce eggs in dressing, pasta, and batters and breading applications. It can be used to eliminate and/or reduce other proteins sources in the formula i.e. dairy, soy, whey, animal.

Food Applications

Petfood & Feed Applications


Main specifications:

* On dry basis moisture



55% min


10% max


5.5% max


8% max


5% max

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