Pea Flour P10

A native starch with multiple functionalities that is gluten free and clean label.

FlavaPulse Pea Flour P10 is a natural gluten-free, high-protein, low-fat flour with great functional properties in cold and warm applications. Although extremely digestible, the starch granules are slowly digested providing sustained energy release and hence have a low glycemic index. Pea starch concentrate can be used as a partial or total source of carbohydrate in the diet and has excellent palatability and processing properties.

For feed and petfood applications we can offer our pea starch concentrate in the form of pellets (5mm diameter).


FlavaPulse Pea Flour P10 is a natural, native starch, containing min 10% protein – no water or chemicals used (only mechanical screening using low energy consumption).

Features & Benefits

FlavaPulse Pea Flour P10 is a gluten-free flour containing min 10% protein – no water or chemicals used (only mechanical screening). Used for baked goods, dips, sauces, meats, pasta, batters & breadings. Gluten-free, high protein flour for snacks and breakfast cereals with good expansion properties. Eliminate and/or reduce eggs in formulations i.e., bakery, batters & breadings. Not a significant source of trans fat or cholesterol

Food Applications

Petfood & Feed Applications


Main specifications:

* On dry basis moisture



60% min


10% min


5.5% max

Moisture: if flour

                   if pellets

8% max

13% max


       if flour

       if pellets

8% max

13% max


3% max

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