Pea Protein Concentrate P55

The future of protein is plant-based, and peas are the preferred source.

Pea protein is actually one of the most sought-after protein in the booming plant protein market. It is a nutritious, healthy and non-allergenic protein source. It can replace or partially substitute soy, fish or meat proteins in most diets. It helps you meet consumers’ demands for “vegan” and “gluten-free” labels.

FlavaPulse Pea Protein Concentrate P55 is a natural, native protein, containing 55% protein – no water or chemicals used (only mechanical screening using with low energy consumption).

Features & Benefits

FlavaPulse Pea Protein Concentrate P55 is a pea protein concentrate which can be used to increase protein content of different formulations including beverages, bakery, and snacks. It can be used to eliminate and/or reduce eggs in dressing, pasta, and batters and breading applications. It can be used to eliminate and/or reduce other proteins sources in the formula i.e. dairy, soy, whey, animal.

Food Applications

Petfood & Feed Applications


Main specifications:

* On dry basis moisture



55% min


10% max




8% max



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